History of West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing is a partner dance that grew out of older swing dances such as Lindy Hop and Balboa. As it developed, West Coast Swing was danced primarily to blues music, but these days we dance to all types of music from the original blues to contemporary/Chart music, and almost anything in between as long as it has a 4/4 time.

WCS has the capacity to evolve with music trends over time, which makes it one of the more versatile of the swing dances. The speed of the music varies greatly from 80 bpm to 130 bpm. In general, the dance is slower than other swing dances, such as Lindy Hop. The slower the song, the more pronounced the dance's elastic connection becomes.

The dance originated in California and is widely popular in the USA and is rapidly spreading around the world with the UK, France, Australia, Brazil, Russia, Singapore all having growing West Coast Swing Communities.