Competitive WCS

West Coast Swing is primarily a social dance, but bigger social events often feature competitions with divisions ranging from the Jack and Jill, which anyone can enter and are improvised, to the Classic, which are choreographed.

The Classic involves choreography to a pre-arranged piece of music and costumes. Alongside the Classic division is the Showcase. The difference between the two is that the Showcase allows for lifts.

Less formal are the social competitions such as the Jack and Jill and Strictly Swing divisions, which can be entered in on the day. For the Strictly Swing, partners enter together and dance to music chosen by the organisers, using lead-follow only, no choreography. The Jack and Jill works the same way as the Strictly, except that partners are allocated at random from the other entrants.

Jack and Jill competitors work their way through competitive classes from Newcomer to Novice, Intermediate then Advanced, winning points each time they place until they make it to All-Star level. The World Swing Dance Council maintains a record of points, as well as regulating competitions across events.